Ghana Naija Online Marketplace

Our IT team recently launched a classifieds website christened ghana-naija.  As the name suggest, it an online market place for Ghanaians and Nigerians alike to buy and sell.

Considering the inherent brotherhood between Ghana and Nigeria(aka Naija),  the website is aimed at fostering this relationship by introducing a common eCommerce platform where both countries can buy and sell everything from used cars to mobile phones, or even find  a job or new home in all of Ghana and Nigeria.

Each of the aforementioned countries are fraught with local classifieds, however an online market place which tends to create a common ground for Ghana and Nigeria does not exist hence the motivation launching the ghana-naija online market to commercially unify both countries.

For both countries, users are provided with a tall list localities to target potential buyers of their products from. It is absolutely free for users to post or advertise their products. Users are only charged a token depending on whether they want their adverts highlighted or appear above the list or displayed as a featured advert on the home page.

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