Our IT team recently launched a new UK job search engine targeting jobseekekers and recruiters in the lancashire area which forms part of the Northwest area of the England, United Kingdom.

The move was motivated by research findings indicating an increased job search and recruitment activities in the Lancashire area. It is also worth noting the recruitment industry is a multi million industry which suggest a good  return on investment is achievable for innovative job websites in the UK.

The lancashirejobs website will incorporate job aggregation capabilities to populate the website for job advertisement from existing major brands. This feature in addition to jobs posted by the patrons of jobscracker website means job seekers will be presented with a stop shop solution to their job searches.

In addition to offering free job postings. The website provides affordable packages for recruiters and employers to post sponsored adverts with wide range of features. A database of CVs will be available for recruiters to search for candidates while ensuring a strong adherence to EU GDPR laws.

Visit jobscracker.co.uk to have a glimpse of our IT team and request for a quote if  you desire a similar project